London Street Art

Some more street art!

Some more street art!

Jul 29, 2013

deer_2504405bWe already briefly discussed two major attractions in London when it comes to street art, one of them being none other than Banksy! However, there is definitely a lot more to the street art scene in London than Banksy or the huge Blue Hahn.


A cool area in London with a passion for art would be Spitafields. Deep within the center of the area you can find one of the oldest and finest surviving Victorian Markets in the country, being build and operated since the early 1600’s.

As you would’ve guessed already, the art in Spitafield mostly complements its historical past. The goat of Kenny Hunter I stands an amazing 3.5 meter’s tall on Bishop’s Square. It represents the independence and non-conformity of the locals in the area. Together with the goat, the Lines of Communication by Craft & Pegg show some London’s age old civil war buildings.


Across the borough of Lewisham one can find more than 60 artworks ranging from traditional sculptures and funny murals to popular works such as the Catford Cat. On the Lewisham website you can check out the latest public artworks as well as new commissions. Those of you interested in the background of a specific piece or artists can also check out their website.