London Street Art



Aug 2, 2013


Don’t run away just yet! Even though the words USSR, Soviet Union and Communism may sound a bit overwhelming to many of us, this exhibition is definitely worth the stay!

The common view westerners get when hearing USSR is this grim, dark and grey landscape of Industrialization and Stalinist propaganda. However, the art pieces in this exhibition show us a whole different story. It’s a story about Russian culture, the Soviet body promoting tourism and intellectual exchange.

The themes in this exhibition range from folklore and music to skiing and hunting in the cold wilderness to massive cruise ships and life of the wealthy people during the Soviet age. Clearly some of the posters have been designed with their Western market in mind while others show a clear form of suprematism and some good old propaganda. The end of the 1930’s however marked a line that shows us a time of socialist statements, where heroic labour and youthful athleticism was the order of the day.

The closer you get to the era of the cold war, the more we see this common view of propaganda, military power and the ‘pride Soviet citizens’. And of course, the impact of Staling and Lenin show up every now and then.

This exhibition shows that both the Western and Soviet propaganda somewhat failed to describe the truth and reality at the time. A huge recommendation for those interested in history and the Soviet Union. (on display until August 31 – Grad)